aleuga al ed akitob aL

Current mood: bouncy
Category: Travel and Places

The last page of a long chapter

one more skin I happily shed

I have more hairs in my face

my chair needs repeated pumping

I regain my sparrow wings

voices louder I do hear & sense

regain control of the true concept

focus, perseverance, reign

trumpet sound of judgement

who are my : devil or saint

both, none, nobody, someone

pervert, explorer, lost, guide,

damaged, holy, blind,visioner

dreamer, nightmare, light, dark

many, nothing... lazy, bud.

Vagabond of thoughts & ideas

chancer of nonsense and madness

abusr, abused, abusive, a bus

a vision in my every wake

a shadow of my complet self

warrio, slave, wizard, kid

leader of not even myself

happy, sad, pissed or wet

stupid, foolish, dim, silly

sarcastic satyre, petulant martyr

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la nueva revsita de la hevolucion dijo...


Find the prey and close your wings
the sight makes the hunter
thelights, smiles and sweaty beats
warriors priests time melts away
at one with the sea earth sky
nobody is truly innocent
a cave to escape outside world
A new world has commenced
I seek a princess to be king
I search a dream tofollow
dream to be awake and free
9 : not scared of anything, whole
I ache and seek redemption
not in work and progress
rather in decadence & decay
letting the time go by, idle, tame
rapist / whore - moral obligations
interest, greed, tyrants & servants
my mom went away tears in her face
full moon somewhere behind the clouds / screens
why can'tI melt our differences
I am not a true man nor beast
don't remember... my history gone
can't see the future or present
my cat, true companion wind or rain