Okay, lets write in english.

okay.. what can i explain..


here in lisbon, cause im in lisbon now, there are many blind people. Everywhere. But most of them are in the metro, in the metro station or inside the metro, asking for money.

the other day, one of them was different, special.

He was going up and down the metro, but he was special because he was playing beautiful rythms with his (pal de cec) and his can where he puts the money.
So the guy was walking, hitting his feet against the floor, and hiting the pal de cec against the floor, and the can, and when he arrive at the point where there is a (pal per agafar-se), he stopped and played with it too. Doing a solo rythm.
So we were there, listening to it, only silence, the metro noise, and the great rythm of the blind man. his feet, and the pal de cec hitting the can, the floor and the pal per agafar-se. And he made rythms with his mouth too.

that was good.

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Anónimo dijo...

kind of magic, today i've been talking with a blind woman, she asked me if i knew the timetable of the bus she was going to take. she is one of the most happiest person that i ever met. we didn't talk about music... or, yes, definately we touch the music. that was music.
music is everywhere, everywhere you listen, everywhere you want.