what does it mean civilisation?

pay for a peace of paper of the bank.
a peace of paper that there is just your name.
your name and your fucking loans and fees.
cause you need to bring it to other company
and the other company needs your money
and they suck your wallet TILL LATE.

pay because the police doesn't know to write "dangerous".
and they afraid to go inside the Jungle,
cause the people hate them for the unsense behaviour.
cause ride by 25feets paviment with no one there by cycle is a crime.

write forty thousand peaces of paper to get a number.
a number you need to get a job.
a job you need to pay the bank fees and loan delays.

write others fifty thousand peaces of fucking paper to have an oporunity.
oportunity to ask for other charge man to give you other oportunity.
other oportunity to get a peace of paper with a number to get queue of people.
a queue of people to get a fucking paper to send somewhere to get another fucking peace.
and that fucking other peace will we a thousand check boxes to get a loan, fee, job, studies.

and then, the people are afraid of you TILL LATE with OFF LICENSE but they've got WICKED cars and every weekend ride on CLUBING or SHOPING.

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