presque presque

I would like to hear something about you fucking old boys about your experiences in your atmospheres, come on, I want to read some shit about your stories, wherever you are, tell us how you walk inside your worlds like the last post of a new and fresh walkabouts.
Ok, I begin to tell you something like I want to hear from yours. Ok, that's all, now it's your play.
I would like to write something readible...Well,...maybe the next time.
what I want to say is that I want to hear some story about music. Do you have any relationship with music, any type, I want to hear it. So, let's work partners. Did you discovered some different way of music wherever you are in the last weeks?
Can you explain that? Can you explain that meanwhile you enjoy it and at the same time make me enjoy that? Try it please.
If it's not about music I will enjoy it. I think so.
At least, i wanna hear a true story, a true whatever.


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